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Mushishi Art
Posted in Anime & Manga

The Eerie Beauty of “Mushishi”

Mushishi is the title of an anime that I watched some time ago. The anime is derived from the eponymous manga by Yuki Urushibara. This transporting story…

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Jelly fish horde and diver
Posted in Genres & Tropes

What is Speculative Fiction?

Speculative fiction is an umbrella term for all the sub-genres within science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Simple right? Except, it’s not perhaps not quite as…

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Cyberpunk woman
Posted in Writing

The Quiet One

I remember sitting on my great-uncle’s verandah as a kid, watching Star Trek through the living room’s glass-paned window. I remember the voice of Captain…

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Static book cover
Posted in Book Reviews

Static by Will MacGregor

Will MacGregor’s Static opens in a run of the mill, dimly lit, futuristic hole-in-the-wall dive and immediately conjured up very fleeting images of Johnny Mnemonic…

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