Static by Will MacGregor

Static book cover

Will MacGregor’s Static opens in a run of the mill, dimly lit, futuristic hole-in-the-wall dive and immediately conjured up very fleeting images of Johnny Mnemonic meets Enki Bilal’s Immortal Ad Vitam.


The future is now: the Chinese economic bubble has burst, the Japanese have aged beyond relevance, and the Korean peninsula has taken the East Asian economic centre-stage. The brutal Korean mafia control most of the legitimate and illegitimate businesses, including pachinko: the wildly-popular Japanese hybrid of pinball and slot machine.

Corporate console-jockey Spencer has an insider’s plan to stiff the mob in their own house, but he needs someone up for the challenge; with her cybernetic prosthetics, street-operator Kira is practically made for the job.

The dialogue and depiction of sights, sounds, and smells makes the scenery and characters leap to life. In this novella, three characters take center stage in my mind. Spencer. He is such a dick. Kira. I just love her world-weary defiance. The Doctor. He reminds me of a much younger, but still kindly and world-wise Ducky from NCIS.

Bottom line: Static is a refreshingly robust, highly imaginative, and colorfully gritty cyberpunk offering.

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Will MacGregor writes speculative & science fiction with a focus on ‘long short stories’. He currently calls Queensland, Australia home. He has lived and worked in Japan and traveled extensively.


Twitter: @willofgregor

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